J S Hoefle

· Author ·

The Thief & The Prophet

About the book:

Join Machwa as he studies the magic within all people, learns what it is to be a man, and grows to seize the amazing path to his destiny.

By age twelve, Machwa was certain he would live out a life of poverty on the streets, stealing for meals and running from guards. Then he meets Seruth, a prophet with an enigmatic past and an origin from a nation of Singers. The Singers are a mysterious people who are both feared and misunderstood for their powers, of which Machwa is eager to learn. When the thief is caught by the prophet and offered a chance to join him on his journey, his life is forever changed. Machwa travels with Seruth on a trip to warn the kingdoms on the old continent of a future threat. Along the way Machwa encounters wonders, danger, and the beauty of life. Young Machwa transforms from a child to a man as he travels from Berumith City to Wazella while learning wisdom under the clever Seruth. With dreams both shared and his own, Machwa must use the knowledge and power he learns from Seruth to embrace his destiny and complete the first steps on the path to his future as a hero. Machwa soon realizes that when The Thief and the Prophet come together, they are an unbeatable team.